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The Parc at Pruneyard Logo Apartments in Campbell, CA

The Parc at Pruneyard Logo Apartments in Campbell, CA
Cleaning for Spring at Parc at Pruneyard

Cleaning for Spring at Parc at Pruneyard

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Time brings about a change; in time always seasons change! That time is here, spring is coming and we're almost ready for it! Almost only because we are gearing up to spring clean! Here at Parc at Pruneyard we know just how important it is to do a great job spring cleaning. We have some tips that may be helpful to go green in spring cleaning!

The Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Home

Mental health is important and a big part of if your home is clean. You know that it may look good, but you still want to be in the best health. Here are some ways your health benefits from a clean home.

  • Less Stress: Clutter can lead to your being stressed about the clutter. When you clear your space you clear your mind, thus you're not stressing about a mess.
  • Higher Productivity: When things are cleaned and organized you're able to get things done. When things are a mess you may not know where to begin and you are more likely to procrastinate.

Ways to Go Green with Your Cleaning Process

Cleaning products may have chemicals that can be harmful, but they don't have to. There are green cleaning products that you can buy, and there are also natural things you may have in your home to do the same.

  • Baking Soda: From taking smell out of the carpet, to creating a toilet bowl cleaner… there are so many things that you can use baking soda for when cleaning.
  • Lemon: Lemons have antiseptic and antibacterial qualities that are helpful when cleaning your home.

Cleaning Services for Hire

There may be a chance that you don't want to handle the spring cleaning, and that's okay! There are some cleaning services in the area you can hire such as TopNotch Maids Service.

We know how refreshing the spring clean can be! We hope these tips help and you're able to fully prepare for the new season to come!

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