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The Parc at Pruneyard Logo Apartments in Campbell, CA

The Parc at Pruneyard Logo Apartments in Campbell, CA
Thanksgiving Fun at Parc at Pruneyard

Thanksgiving Fun at Parc at Pruneyard

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you are like several others around the globe, you might be wondering how in the world you are going to rejoice this year. This year, countless festive traditions will have to be placed on hold. Many people are going to be spending Thanksgiving in Campbell, CA away from family and friends due to COVID-19–related travel limitations and social distancing requirements. But that does not suggest that you will have to sit at the dinner table pouting. There are still numerous ways in which you will be able to enjoy the holiday festivities, while at the same time practicing social distancing in the comfort of your own apartment. Here are a few ways in which you can be thankful and enjoy the Thanksgiving celebrations at home.

Recipes and Cooking Tips

If you are living close by to relatives or friends, an entertaining way to put together your Thanksgiving dinner is by arranging a meal exchange between a few families. After making a decision on a menu together, you could add all of your recipe links to a shared spreadsheet like Google Sheets. Each family signs up for a meal or two to make in bulk, divides them up into equivalent portions (budget plastics are excellent for this purpose because they're so inexpensive that you won't mind if you don't get them back), and sends them to the other families.

Safety in the Kitchen

As much as cooking in the kitchen can be extremely fun and rewarding, it can also turn into an unpleasant experience if the correct safety measures are not taken into account. A great tip for cooking on Thanksgiving is staying in the kitchen whilst the food is cooking. It is tempting to stray away from the kitchen during the process because there is just so much to do on Thanksgiving. Staying in the kitchen will allow you to keep an eye on the food so that it does not get burnt.

Online Black Friday Shopping

If you are looking for some great savings for this festive season, Walmart is having amazing online Black Friday shopping specials. You will be able to find almost everything you require at the most discounted prices.

Thanksgiving might be a little different this year from all the other years it was celebrated., but this gives us an opportunity to create new traditions as well as new memories. The little things matter, what's most important is remembering to keep your spirits high during this festive season.

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